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Mantraa 360

Mantraa 360 is the software that afforded Access Solutions the chance to be nominated for the NOTAP awards in the category of best software company in 2011. Due to the uniqueness, accuracy and dependability ascribed to the software, it won the the award.

Maantra 360 is an integrated web based Banking Application on the leading edge of financial system technology. Mantraa360 uses state-of-the art application technologies. It comprehensively brings every aspect of bank Management and operations together. Mantraa360 combines the power of Windows operating system RDBMS and the Web-based GUI interface. It delivers the flexibility to bring new and varied products to market quickly allowing your bank to compete aggressively in today's competitive market place.


  • Full Retail to commercial Banking operation
  • Developed Using Client Server Architecture that is web based.
  • Parameter Driven System.
  • Multiple Service Access with customizable functionality.
  • Account List, Alpha Search with intellisense.
  • Multi-branch, multi-user, multi-tasking and role based banking solution that enables several users to access the application, post entries in an online real time bases.
  • Dashboard for business intelligence.