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Education Management Information System (EMIS) is a portal for school information management and administration. It helps in school registration, student enrolment, staff registration, and school facilities registration.


  • Role Based : Information access is based on the officer's assigned role
  • Multi-user and Multi-processing enabled : Many user can connect and use the system at the same time
  • Security Enabled and User Access control : Only authorized users are allowed to gain access into the information processing area
  • Individualized school registration, (i.e School Identification & characteristics system) : Every school have the ability to register their peculiar characteristics
  • Efficient Students Enrolment Management. Sessional Enrolment is done per level and class. Also special features like repeaters, and student disability are duly represented
  • Staff Registration Management System. Comprehensive Individual school's staff registration
  • Effective School Classroom Facility management
  • And fully graphical data analysis and report
  • Efficient Student Assessment Enrolment
  • Effective Student Transfer Management Module
  • Repeaters Enrolment Management
  • Student Disability Enrolment
  • Efficient School Facilities Management
  • School's Textbooks Management
  • Adult and Non-Formal Education Enrolment


Educational Administrators like
  • Federal ministry of education.
  • State ministry of education.
  • School proprietors
  • Educational Administrators