Technological advancement has been the bedrock of modern society. More progress is been recorded across all spheres of life with new developments emerging every day. The Nigerian society has enjoyed and recorded massive growth by simply aligning and keying into the technological advancement of the day, and much of our future progress is hinged on how quickly we adapt and develop indigenous solutions best fit our needs.

Access Solutions Ltd is one of the leading indigenous technology companies that has positioned herself as a solutions provider, focused on delivering innovative, indigenous cutting-edge solutions for the benefit of humanity. This vision is largely borne out of the need to reposition Nigerian businesses for exponential growth amongst her peers globally.

As an IT company, Access Solutions has built time-tested Web and Mobile applications with expertise spanning beyond software applications to engineering and manufacturing hardware solutions. One of the leading solutions from the company is the Self-Service Kiosk payment terminal, which acts as a self-service point of sale, (POS).

Self-service kiosks are increasingly becoming a staple in business places across the country. Their efficiency in non-contact service delivery remains an advantage every service provider can utilize, especially with the new realities presented by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. These machines, unlike their counterparts, the regular point of sales machines (POS), are operated by the customers to render the services of choice.

It is worthy of note that Access Solution Ltd is the very first Indigenous manufacturer of the Self-Service Terminal in the Nigerian market. The machine is 100% indigenous, both the hardware and software powering this solution are designed and manufactured by Access Solutions Ltd here in Abuja, Nigeria. Prior to this trailblazing move, most of the self-service kiosks in use were imported and hardly fit the Nigerian needs for them.

The VOXE Electronic Self-Service Kiosks are designed to improve service delivery by creating great transaction experiences for customers, while also delivering excellent business results for our clients. They are user-friendly and interactive for both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy customers. The VOXE kiosks guarantee interactive services with less human friction and provide equal to no other customer experience.

These kiosks have been deployed and are currently in use in various institutions and business places namely: Hotels, Airports, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Cinemas, Train stations, and government agencies and parastatals.


  • It’s a new and effective channel of service delivery
  • Increases the number of customers served per time.
  • Guarantees convenient and fast service.
  • Reduces friction in service delivery
  • It enhances time management and maximizes human resources
  • Provides error-free data capturing/entry
  • Eliminates queues and affords customers privacy while transacting.


A number of organizations and businesses have installed the VOXE electronic self-service kiosk for better services, especially those who are into service delivery.

The type of kiosk installed is usually dependent on the business type and size but the most common types are the free-standing and wall-mounted self-service kiosks. Our kiosks are of international standards and we work to ensure timely delivery.

Our kiosks are currently deployed and in use at the following:

  • DRTS, Mabuishi Centre, Abuja
  • Nipost Offices
  • States’ Internal Revenue Service offices
  • Train stations
  • Airports etc.

Want to know more about this service?

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  • Tonye Jaja
    Reply Close Tonye Jaja - July 23, 2023 at 08:07 am

    Please i urgently need six electronic self-service kiosks supplied to me in abuja nigeria, how much would it cost to be delivered. the machines should have touchscreen and pos..,to be used by legislators to place orders

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