iNet World is a licensed internet service provider and a subsidiary of Access Solutions Ltd, designed to provide modern IT internet communication services in a cost-effective way. iNet World provides high-speed bandwidth of 2Mbps to 300Mbps to meet customer's need in business, estate, hotel and suites, events and multi-tenant building requirements.

We are passionate about delivering high-speed and unlimited internet services with no data cap at affordable prices to suit your browsing needs. We provide the lowest cost unlimited internet to residential, small business customers and large organizations within Abuja.

With our expanding services, we are poised to meeting all your internet connectivity needs. Our valued customers are guaranteed 24/7 support system.

Visit iNet World for fast, reliable and unlimited internet service.

Our Services include:

Dedicated Scalable On-demand Unlimited Internet

Our fibre-based access internet service provides unparalleled high-speed connectivity through the installation and use of optical fiber from our base directly to your homes, offices or business place.

iNet Fibre to Homes

  • Suitable for large number of connections
  • Customizable bandwidth and price options
  • Dedicated radios connecting customer to base station

Our Fibre to Homes solution delivers the best internet experience.

Get connected anywhere

iNet hotspot services offers unlimited connection without buffers, allowing you to stay up to date with your favorite online updates and deals! Our hotspot services can be installed in homes, offices, hotels, hospitals etc.

Hotspot Service

  • No data caps at all
  • Equal upload and download time
  • Wireless and wide range connection

Internet for everyone

Our enterprise solution delivers the best internet experience, you will be on dedicated Fixed Wireless radios from our base station to your location, ensuring maximal bandwidth optimization.

The plan has no throttling, you can stream and/or download as many terabytes as your storage can allow in the period of your active subscription. Bandwidth is tailored according to your budget and needs.

iNet Community/Estate Internet

  • Truly unlimited
  • No throttling
  • Bandwidth optimization

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