‘Customer is King’ – an age-long business mantra that permeates the core of trading and service delivery. This emphatically avers the importance of every customer in doing business. Despite the numerous technological developments in the business world, this mantra has been held dogmatically even by great business moguls.

Countless business strategies run on this principle - how best to serve our customers, both for retention and breaking into new markets. Moreso, technological innovations over the years have the central focus on improving customer service delivery by using efficient, time-saving, user-friendly machines for more sales and profit. These innovations are oftentimes in tune with global realities.

Services such as payments have seen tremendous changes with more contactless methods emerging every now and then, ranging from point-of-sale devices to Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and more recently – self-service kiosks.

The use of these sophisticated and interactive machines has greatly cushioned the impact of the economic disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic which ravaged the global economy drastically. Preventive precautions for the spread of the virus gave rise to higher demand for contactless services.

Moreover, time management and speed in service delivery are also in high demand presently, not only in world-class businesses like airports and railways but also in small and medium enterprises such as shopping malls, cinemas, hospitals, etc. Interestingly, machines like the self-service kiosk have proven to be a great solution to the needs of businesses and of immense benefits. That's why more retail shops, restaurants, and public spaces that render services find the self-service kiosk of various kinds handy.

A self-service kiosk is basically a device that allows a consumer to interact directly with a company, receiving service at their own convenience.

Nevertheless, many businesses - in Nigeria especially, have yet to embrace the transformative advantages of the self-service kiosks in running their business.


So, why use a self-service kiosk? The advantages of the self-service kiosk are enormous and embracing this game-changing innovation in running your business operations is a step in the right direction. Here are a few reasons to get started.

No Contact Services

The impact of COVID-19 may linger longer than we had anticipated despite the increasing use of vaccines. Thus, the need for contactless services may be here to stay. Not only because businesses and customers are cautiously reducing ‘face-to-face’ service delivery, but because many have seen the benefits it avails them. Generally, contactless services are safer to use and offer better protection for people amid heightened insecurity. Customers can now place orders and make payments without interacting with another person in malls, airports, cinemas, etc.

Time and Resource Management

One of the advantages of using self-service kiosks for your organization is that it helps manage time effectively and free up more time for other business activities. For instance, a self-service kiosk in a shop has an inventory of all stock available and a customer can easily search for the product they need on the kiosk rather than employing the sales attendant to look for that product on the shelves. This saves time for both customers and the sales attendant who will have more time packaging purchases for customers, becoming more efficient and productive.

Eliminates Queues

While having many customers queue up awaiting your service could mean business is ‘booming’, no customer wants to spend the whole day in the queue. Nothing beats the fast, stress-free, no queue purchasing or payment process the self-service kiosk offers. Reducing the queues also reduces the chances of shop-lifting.

Customer’s Privacy

It's always an awkward moment when you can't find a regular product within your budget on the shelf but there are others probably bigger in size with no price tag. Going to confirm prices from the sales attendant can be quite embarrassing. However, with a self-service kiosk that has an inventory of products in your shop, a customer can easily make a choice of what to purchase and pay right there without interference. This improves their experience shopping with you.

Other advantages include transparent transactions, increased returns on investment and profits, and an increased number of customers served per time.


Almost any business can install a self-service kiosk for efficiency in their operations. Travel agencies, Airports, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hotels, Shopping malls, Banks, Financial institutions, and even government agencies can use it for staff and visitors’ logs.

The size of your business, however, determines the type and number of kiosks to install. The self-service kiosk has various types; the free-standing and wall-mounted being the most common variants of the machines.

Need A High-Quality Self-Service Kiosk?

The transformative benefits of the self-service kiosk to your business and organizations cannot be overemphasized. But what are the chances of getting a high-quality and durable kiosk in the Nigerian market?

Fortunately, Access Solutions – the pioneer indigenous manufacturer of the self-service kiosk in Nigeria, designs and manufactures time-tested kiosk machines for various sectors of the Nigerian market. Our devices are user-friendly and require low maintenance.

Explore our product page to see our array of self-service kiosks and you would be glad you did.

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